A creative gift idea for a housewarming present

Unique housewarming gifts

The journey of moving into a new home is a significant life event. It marks a fresh beginning, an empty canvas upon which new stories and memories will be painted. A piece of striking artwork is an original housewarming gift idea for someone who has just moved into a new home. It adds a personal and thoughtful touch to their space, showing that you've put effort into selecting a meaningful present.


A new home is a blank canvas awaiting stylish décor, and personalised housewarming gifts in the form of artwork can significantly enhance the aesthetics of any living space, making it feel warmer, more inviting, and uniquely theirs. Regardless of the size or layout of the new home, it can tie together the colours and themes of a room, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Unique housewarming gifts

Unlike many traditional housewarming gifts that may have a limited lifespan, art can be a lasting reminder of the occasion and the person who gave it. Housewarming gift trends come and go, but art is timeless. Art gifts for a new house can also be an excellent conversation starter piece. It invites guests to inquire about its origins, meaning, or the story behind it, fostering connections and creating memorable interactions, showing that you've put effort into selecting a meaningful present that goes beyond the ordinary.

Islamic artwork

When gifting artwork from the MENA region, you can capture the essence of this diverse and culturally rich part of the world. Owning a piece of Islamic art can be a source of pride and appreciation for the recipient.


For example, a piece of art featuring Verse 11 of Surat Al-Duha from the Quran can be a powerful addition to a home. This verse reminds us of Allah's blessings and guidance during personal growth and adversity, instilling hope and trust. This Inspirational Quranic verse displayed in a home is a constant reminder of resilience and faith, offering solace during challenging moments. It encourages reflection and gratitude and creates a tranquil and spiritual environment within the household.


Pieces with Kufic script, stylised designs, intricate Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, or more modern Islamic art pieces also add to the feeling of a living space. Giving an Islamic art piece can show your respect for the recipient's cultural background and the importance of their faith, making it a personal and considerate gesture celebrating the region's history and traditions.

Middle Eastern artists

And by gifting Middle Eastern artwork, you support the work of talented artists. Your purchase contributes to the flourishing world of regional art, making it an investment with a positive ripple effect in the creative community. Pieces created by artists from the Middle East, through their intricate details, vibrant colours, and cultural significance, make them stand out as a sophisticated and cherished addition to any home.